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More doc appts…

Well, I had the appointment with the doc and my treatment has been pushed back until the fall. She was very impressed with my attitude, weight loss, and change of diet. They still don’t know what is causing the high iron levels (low Ferritin) and was sent for a fasting blood work.

I also had my “mental health” assessment and it was interesting. They assessed that I have good coping skills for stress, etc. which is a good thing. The interview was to assess my risk of depression and/or suicide as the Interferon treatment causes or can cause depression. They do want me to test a low dose of an anti-depressant to ensure it doesn’t cause any side-effects. That way if I do need a prescription during treatment they will have one ready knowing it won’t cause me any problems.

Next appt is a Liver Biopsy in July sometime and another doc appt in August. GOOD NEWS though is that my medical records from Wellesley Hospital from 1979 were located and I now have copies of them. With this information I can apply for the compensation available to me.

I’ll post more info later…
I’m off to bed!


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